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new shape: pacific rose

All right, new shape in the store tonight! Her name is pacific rose. Now while I tend to think of all the body shapes I create as my “babies” (yes, weird, I know) and put a lot of care and attention into developing them, I am especially fond of this particular shape because she was going to be for my own personal use. Yah… Melanie 2.0 if you will.

After creating what was supposed to be my new shape and tweaking her, however, I discovered that I am quite attached to my current avi’s shape, in spite of — or perhaps even because of — all her imperfections.

So I ended up editing the new shape intended for myself even more, and voila! Thus was born pacific rose. She has a gently curved 5’10” frame with a cute round face, button nose, almond-shaped eyes.

I am toying with the idea of making her a limited edition shape and limiting the number of times she is sold to like, 5 or 10 times or whatever. We’ll see! I have to think about that some more.

pacific rose poster

pacrose skinned 01 pacrose skinned 02 pacrose skinned 03

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