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revamping mela’s

I’ve been something of a hermit crab over the past few days because I’ve been working on a new look for my store, called Mela’s. New logo, new pictures for new posters, plus (slowly) rolling out new shapes; in other words, new everything. I felt as though the old logo (which I fondly refer to as Mister Applehead) was a little *too* cute, and I wanted the posters to be more functional and impart more information than they had been. Sooo… the posters now show the full shape from three angles: back, side, and front. They also showcase the shape in three different looks along the side, with different colored eyes and hairstyles.

(I kept the apple theme, though :p I’ve several nicknames in RL, one of which is Mela, and my Italian friend Pier once told me that’s what they call apples over in Italy, hence the apple logo. All the body shapes in my store are named after different apple cultivars.)

One of the things I like to do when working on a shape is wear it with as many different skins from popular skin designers as possible, because I want to know that the shape is going to look good in more than just a handful of skins. It eventually dawned on me that I may as well take screenshots of my shapes while “testing” them in all of these demos, too, so I’ve done just that. These pics are now stuffed in notecards that may be retrieved by simply clicking on the poster.

Three shapes that are now being sold at my store:

pink lady body shape

This gamine’s shape has a slim build measuring in at 5’11”. She possesses a pleasantly cute and round face, and playful wide eyes.

pink lady poster

pinklady skinned 03 pinklady skinned 01 pinklady skinned 02

pixie body shape

The pixie has a cute, girlish appearance that measures in at a petite 5’5″. Her sweet heart-shaped face frames almond-shaped eyes and full, pouty lips.

pixie poster

pixie skinned 01 pixie skinned 02 pixie skinned 03

crispin body shape

The crispin’s lovely and moderately curvy figure measures in at 5’10”. With her pretty oval-shaped face and doe eyes, looking good in a wide range of hairstyles and skins is made easy.

crispin poster

crispin skinned 03 crispin skinned 02 crispin skinned 01

All shapes come with two dress shapes, a bald/brow base, and a notecard with skin/hair/eyes details. There are more shapes to come! I just need to finish the posters, heh.

Visit my store in the lovely La Reina sim:

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