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This is my first Halloween in Second Life, so I’ve no idea if the rate at which SL’s clothing designers have been cranking out the Halloween costumes lately is the norm… but whatevs, it’s great! Some of the costumes I’ve been seeing come out in the Fashion Planet feed are a real trip.

The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized that I kind of treat every day in SL as Halloween. Yes, my avatar is like my glorified, virtual Barbie. 🙂 I love dressing her up, and my (bloated) inventory shows it; I’ve even got a special folder marked “Costumes”.

So, just for fun, I made a little costume parade video type thingy. Also in the vid are Vivi, Machete, and Gogo. ^_^ Between the lot of us, we’ve donned a ton of outfits for this vid; I’ll post an update later (when I’m feeling less lazy) to share where we got all the goodies from, just in case you want any of these items for your own Barbie — erm, I mean, avi.

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I’ll explain the title of this post in a bit, but first let’s cover the important stuff. 😀

What do you get when you mix four women, two to three years of development experience cultivated on IMVU, and relatively new statuses on Second Life with rez-days dating back to just this past May, August, and as recently as this month?

The answer: a breath of fresh air in the SL fashion scene known as D!FF.

Earlier today when I met up with my friend Gogo, she was wearing a cool T-shirt paired with these perfect skinny jeans that she said she’d just gotten at a store called D!FF, located on the Juicy sim. Naturally, I had to go check the store out for myself. Here are some of the goodies I picked up while there 😀 (clicking on the images will take you to their respective flickr pages):

diff_stripe sweater

The D!FF Stripe*d Sweatars (yep, that’s how it’s spelled) come in a pack of three, colored grey, olive, and peachy. You can see the attention to detail on these off-the-shoulder sweaters — the sweater’s texture doesn’t simply abruptly start and end at the neckline and hem; rather there is a ribbed knit band that circles the shoulders, wrists, and waist.


Next up, we have the D!FF Blue-ee Darke*d Jeans, a pair of skinny dark jeans that are destined to become one of my wardrobe staples. I’m already imagining the possibilities with these jeans… Ever admired that skinny jeans + baggy shirt + big bag + pumps + messy yet ostensibly sexy hair look that Kate Moss pulls off with utter ease? These are the jeans to use to emulate that look. I’m already thinking about how these will go perfect with my Enkythings Talyn pumps, a prim scarf from perhaps BP* or Petit Ange, and a longish type of shirt/blouse like Blaze’s Boyfriend Buttondown or Last Call’s Carolynn Ruffled Shirt, or perhaps Last Call’s Starley II Mini Sweater Dress (just don’t forget to wear your dress shape with that). Top if off with Naughty Designs’ Nicole sculpty hairstyle, aviators like primOptic’s rebans, and a big bag… and you’re set!

Just as a side note, one of the girls at D!FF shared that they will be working on releasing these jeans in different colors. W00t! 😀

diff_tees1 diff_tees2 diff_tees3

You can’t have jeans without some T-shirts to go with it, of course, and D!FF has got you covered. Their tees range from the silly and playful such as the I LOVE NERDS tee and the White Rehab*d Tee, to the somewhat understated yet elegant Circle Tree*d Tees that come in red, blue, green, and grey.

diff_free and cami

I’m not sure which item I like better; the jeans or this super cute-yet-sexy Pink Bra*d Cami. Again, the attention to texturing details is evident on this piece. The slight sheen on the black bra that boldly peeks out at the top combined with the shading on the pink cami itself gives the distinct impression of a push-up bra, and the subtle shadows and highlights drawn across the cami suggests the snug fit of the material as it is stretched over the torso.

And is a store really a store in SL if it doesn’t offer at least one or two freebies? D!FF makes this cute Vintage Mustard Bow Top available for L$0, which you can grab from the sign that’s located at the entrance to the store.

UPDATE… It might be a little confusing, trying to locate the freebie. You must click on the word “free” on the sign in order to get the items, clicking on any other part of the sign will not work. 🙂

Pay a visit to D!FF in the Juicy sim to find these goodies and more:

What we’re wearing:
Gogo is wearing ETD Loopy hairstyle in platinum, MinnuModel Pale SkinGloss in Rain, and her own custom shape. I’m wearing ETD Hailey hairstyle in chestnut, Celestial Studio Vogue skin in Smoky Noir Champagne, Enkythings Talyn Black pumps, Nea-Ban Retro Standard scripted glasses, and Mela’s Pacific Rose body shape.

All right, I said at the start of the post that I’d explain the title a bit more. So far, other than D!FF I’ve done only one other “awesome store alert” posting on this blog. I’ve created an Awesome Store Alert category for future alerts. Whenever I come across a store that is relatively new on the scene and I feel is deserving of more attention and should be watched for future releases, I’ll write about it and post to this category.

The Fashion Vote bit is based on the concept of dollar voting. What is dollar voting? It’s basically the idea that whenever we buy something, we are casting dollar votes for it. Here, Wikipedia explains it much better than I’m capable of doing at this time :-p Fashion Vote blog posts will simply be a review/recap of avatar appearance-related items that I’ve purchased, or “voted” for. The idea is that by sharing what I’ve bought, I’m sharing what I feel are items that are noteworthy and deserving of people’s money. Keep an eye out on this category; there will be other people contributing to this as well. 🙂

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CSI, OnRez, and the Content Creating Community

All right, I have to admit that I was one of those people who went to Fashion Avenue, saw all the “big name” content creators represented there, and immediately though, “Nice, but what about other content creators?!” After having spoken with others and reading various blogs, I’m apparently not the only person who was thinking like this.

My friend Vivienne Graves, however, just posted to her blog about this very subject and pointed out that to have expected Electric Sheep to go about selecting the content creators for the CSI sims in any other manner would have been illogical:

“… with a development deadline, one can’t reasonably expect ESC to have been able to sort through the mountain of submissions that would inevitably have followed… “

Check out the rest of Vivi’s posting by following this link:

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martini glass… & oh yeah, the patterson shape :p

I’ve made a new machinima, yay! This video features a burlesque pink martini glass that your avi can swim in, and omigawd it is just too cute and sexy 😀 Have a look!

I really love the martini glass. Seriously, it’s tons of fun to look at. ^_^ The glass was built, scripted, and animated by Hap Underwood and it is currently being sold in three “flavors” at his store. Mr. Underwood may be a relative newcomer to the SL scene, but he is by no means a stranger to animation work; a quick glance at his profile reveals his experience: he’s done design, animation, and art direction work on The Sims and numerous expansion packs, as well as work for notable names like Saban and Disney. I’m looking forward to seeing Hap’s future SL projects!

Check out the martini glasses and other cool scripted items at his store, irkmade, located in the uniquely shaped La Reina sim: La Reina 186, 216, 24

And speaking of shapes, that hot avi you just saw cavorting in the martini glass is sporting my newest shape which I’ve named patterson. Patterson is a gorgeous gal with a very feminine and curvy figure, and she stands at 5’9″. Her wide-set eyes and generous, full lips complete her beautiful, voluptuous look.

patterson poster

patterson skinned 01 patterson skinned 02 patterson skinned 03

irkmade burlesque martini glass

You can grab this newest release at my store, also located in the La Reina sim: La Reina 154, 137, 24

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new machinima from Gogo

Gogo’s latest vid takes place at Versailles… in SL, of course. 😉

What I really like about this vid is that it showcases some of the amazing content creating talent that is present in SL. Seriously, check that build out! And the clothes they’re wearing, and the wigs! I recognize the yellow gown as coming from Nicky Ree (one of my favorite SL designers ever), but I’m not sure about the clothes worn by the other two avis; I’ll update this post after I ask her.

Plus I ❤ this vid for using one of my favorite Strokes songs. 😀 Enjoy!

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new shape: pacific rose

All right, new shape in the store tonight! Her name is pacific rose. Now while I tend to think of all the body shapes I create as my “babies” (yes, weird, I know) and put a lot of care and attention into developing them, I am especially fond of this particular shape because she was going to be for my own personal use. Yah… Melanie 2.0 if you will.

After creating what was supposed to be my new shape and tweaking her, however, I discovered that I am quite attached to my current avi’s shape, in spite of — or perhaps even because of — all her imperfections.

So I ended up editing the new shape intended for myself even more, and voila! Thus was born pacific rose. She has a gently curved 5’10” frame with a cute round face, button nose, almond-shaped eyes.

I am toying with the idea of making her a limited edition shape and limiting the number of times she is sold to like, 5 or 10 times or whatever. We’ll see! I have to think about that some more.

pacific rose poster

pacrose skinned 01 pacrose skinned 02 pacrose skinned 03

Visit my main store at La Reina, the only sim in Second Life that offers beachfront residential areas on heart-shaped and crown-shaped islands! 😀

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revamping mela’s

I’ve been something of a hermit crab over the past few days because I’ve been working on a new look for my store, called Mela’s. New logo, new pictures for new posters, plus (slowly) rolling out new shapes; in other words, new everything. I felt as though the old logo (which I fondly refer to as Mister Applehead) was a little *too* cute, and I wanted the posters to be more functional and impart more information than they had been. Sooo… the posters now show the full shape from three angles: back, side, and front. They also showcase the shape in three different looks along the side, with different colored eyes and hairstyles.

(I kept the apple theme, though :p I’ve several nicknames in RL, one of which is Mela, and my Italian friend Pier once told me that’s what they call apples over in Italy, hence the apple logo. All the body shapes in my store are named after different apple cultivars.)

One of the things I like to do when working on a shape is wear it with as many different skins from popular skin designers as possible, because I want to know that the shape is going to look good in more than just a handful of skins. It eventually dawned on me that I may as well take screenshots of my shapes while “testing” them in all of these demos, too, so I’ve done just that. These pics are now stuffed in notecards that may be retrieved by simply clicking on the poster.

Three shapes that are now being sold at my store:

pink lady body shape

This gamine’s shape has a slim build measuring in at 5’11”. She possesses a pleasantly cute and round face, and playful wide eyes.

pink lady poster

pinklady skinned 03 pinklady skinned 01 pinklady skinned 02

pixie body shape

The pixie has a cute, girlish appearance that measures in at a petite 5’5″. Her sweet heart-shaped face frames almond-shaped eyes and full, pouty lips.

pixie poster

pixie skinned 01 pixie skinned 02 pixie skinned 03

crispin body shape

The crispin’s lovely and moderately curvy figure measures in at 5’10”. With her pretty oval-shaped face and doe eyes, looking good in a wide range of hairstyles and skins is made easy.

crispin poster

crispin skinned 03 crispin skinned 02 crispin skinned 01

All shapes come with two dress shapes, a bald/brow base, and a notecard with skin/hair/eyes details. There are more shapes to come! I just need to finish the posters, heh.

Visit my store in the lovely La Reina sim:

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“Questionable Ethics”

My friend Vivienne Graves just directed me to an interesting posting on her blog, Second Impressions.

Apparently she and another friend happened across a store that engages in some rather questionable business practices. This particular shop sells hats, and some pretty cool-looking ones at that. Upon closer inspection of these hats, however, one makes some unexpected discoveries:

My friend Morrigan Repine alerted me to a shop owned by one Chigadee London, called ‘Couture Chapeau’, which seems to be…well, I don’t want to say ‘ripping off’, so let’s say ‘inspired by’ Megg Demina’s justly praised Chapeau Tres Mignon. Ms London has a variety of hats for sale here, some that are rather striking…but if you do what we did and inspect the objects on display, you’ll see that most of the striking detail work is not Ms London’s, but was sourced from full-perms items by other content creators. For instance, the feather detail on the ‘Faerie Feathers’ hat, priced at L$400, turns out, on closer inspection, to be the work of Mistress Midnight, from her ‘Lace Wings’.

Inspecting the prims of the other hats on display (you’ll have to be quick, as they’re all on a temp-rez cycle) reveals that the butterfly on the ‘Secret Garden’ hat is the work of Saajuk Bogomil; the feather on the ‘Petite Caponita’ hat is by Natalia Zelmanov; the tassels on the shoes on sale in the shop are by Siggy Romulus; part of the detail on the ‘Callas Chapeau’ is the work of Billie Sunchaser; and the rose on the ‘Black Rose Chapeau’ is by Logan Bauer.

~ Vivienne Graves on Second Impressions

After reading Vivienne’s post, I decided to take a look for myself to confirm what she’d written. The right-click > inspect function does not lie :p Here are a couple of screenshots I took that will back up what she’s stated (clicking them will take you to flickr where there are larger versions of these images):

questionable ethics 01

questionable ethics 02

I take a very similar stance to Vivienne when it comes to modifying items in SL. I feel that if you’ve paid for something and it comes with Modify permissions, then you are free to unlink, relink, and alter the hell out of that item if you so desire, even to the point of Frankenstein-ing it with other items… you paid for it, mod perms have been granted, and *it’s yours* to do with as you see fit.

What, however, about this turning around and reselling products that contain parts cannibalized from other content creators’ works? It is true that we see creative collaborations all the time in SL (i.e., talented animator and celebrated fashion designer get together and put out a new purse that comes with a purse-carrying AO; knowledgeable scripter and innovative builder create a revolutionary product that forever alters the manner in which people photograph themselves in SL). In these cases, arrangements between the parties involved were obviously made and agreed upon before the items were ever entered into the market.

Does the granting of mod perms on an item for sale automatically imply this kind of agreement? Can I take that hairstyle in my inventory with the mod perms, unlink it to my heart’s content (pun not intended there), re-link selected prims from that hairstyle with other prims I’ve either collected from yet other hairstyles or created on my own, and then turn around and sell my newly modified project? By granting me mod permissions on that hairstyle, did the original hairstyle’s designer grant me permission to take individual prims out of her work to place in another object for resale?

I honestly believe that common sense would answer to this is a resounding, emphatic “NO”.

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Assignment #5: Flaming Pear – Melancholytron

Although the filters in the Filtering Second Life group are introduced on a weekly basis, my assignment #4 and #5 posts are back-to-back because I’d taken my sweet time getting around to doing the fourth one. 😀

Okay, so I have a favorite method for vignetting; I think anyone who plays with image-manipulation has their various favorite methods, right? (FYI, it’s hand-painting on a desaturated layer with a soft brush, merging it with a filled layer, and setting it to Overlay.) Still, it’s nice to change things up, which is what I got to do with the latest featured filter. This week’s filter, which has been bestowed the awesome-sounding name Melancholytron, comes from Flaming Pear. It’s a sweet filter loaded with tons of options that makes achieving all sorts of vignettes a real cinch; play with the sliders a bit and voila! Talk about EASY.

** Please note, this isn’t a free filter; you can download a 30-day demo but if you want to keep it beyond that, you’ll have to spring $20 USD. **

Puma paid an impromptu visit a few days ago while I’d been setting up for some pics with my new green muslin background, and we ended up shooting some pics of her wearing Grace Winnfield’s black Gothica wedding gown. I chose to use Melancholytron on one of the shots I took:


This is one of those pics that looks better when viewed it in it’s original size.

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