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Cherry Girl outfit

I liked the outfit I used in the video, here are the details ^_^

cherry girl outfit

Hair – BP*, micky dango
Skin – RaC, Trisha
Eyes – simtropia, brown deep
Glasses – Nea-Ban, Retro Standard (scripted)
**Eyebrow piercing – Zipz, light metal spike micro twisted
**Nose piercing – Zipz, titanium curved barbell
**Lip piercing – Zipz, linked double light titanium captive steel rings
Earrings – artilleri, cherry earrings
Choker – Curiou Kitties, standard black strap choker
Tattoos – Red Ruin, Live Fast Die Young tattoo sleeves
Dress – artilleri, midnite moment black
Socks – Celestial Studios, Lulu tube socks darkred
Shoes – KK Outfitters, women’s Lo-Tops Kool Kicks in red

** Piercings linked together by myself since I was running out of attachment points on my face.

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Cherry Girl – my first machinima ever!

This was so much fun!!! I think I’m addicted!

The music is by Kumi Koda, and Arycon Fasching graciously agreed to let me take a few shots of him for my vid. 😀

[livevideo id=C5773162F6DF413D9EA62ABD29AC02B7/498911/cherrygirl.aspx]

FYI, I don’t have the greatest graphics setup ever. My fps takes a hit when I just put on prim hair, for crying out loud! So, I do everything I can to minimize the strain on my poor lappie 🙂 Low terrain detail, no local lights (yay for being able to move the sun!), film only one avi at a time (two if they are both standing still lol), and film at least 700m in the sky where there’s very little for my computer to draw.

Once I get a better rig set up, though, you can be certain I’m going to do some serious location scouting for future projects!

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CodeBastard Redgrave — is there anything this woman CAN’T do?!

Okay, before I say anything else, watch this machinima that Codie just released!

That was her first music video machinima ever. I would never have guessed this was her first time trying her hand at it! I’m looking forward to future vids that I’m sure will be surfacing on her YouTube channel. Do yourself a favor and go subscribe to it. ^_^

And now, let’s step back for a moment and contemplate the woman behind the avatar, shall we? She’s an SL photography artist, she runs a club (CodeRed Lounge), she runs a shop in which she sells avatar content that she’s created (Dramavatar), she’s total brainiac who is ace at scripting and other stuff that flies over my head… and now we can add machinima creator to the list.

And the best part of it all? She truly is one of the friendliest, sweetest, most gracious people you will come across in SL. 😀

Update:  Youtube removed the audio.  View it here to get the audio:

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The new LicoLico sim!

A few days ago, I got a notice from Lico Nyanda, via her LicoLico update group, that her new sim was being opened to LicoLico VIP members only for two days with a 50% off EVERYTHING sale, before being opened up to the general public. I must have TP’d over to her sim about twenty seconds after having read her notice. :p

In case you aren’t familiar with LicoLico, it is a store where “doll” clothes are sold. We’re talking dresses that are very cute; frilly, lacy stuff with bell-shaped skirts, tights, and elaborate headpieces and ribbons. Lico seems to like rewarding her update group whenever it’s population hits an increment of 100 (so what are you waiting for, join the group!); the last time she had a big blow-out sale, she’d created L$100 grab bags, each of which contained three products. After trading pieces amongst friends, I ended up with a dozen new dresses for which I’d paid L$400. Not bad at all!

The sim has the same look and feel that her store had — it is predominantly white, with lots of pillars and tiles. Her store space takes up roughly half the area, and the other half is LicoLico Mall. When I first arrived at the sim, all of the vendors were Japanese, and I did not recognize a lot of them. 😀 It’s always fun to “discover” new stuff! Here are a few of the items I came across while shopping at LicoLico Mall…

First of all, there is this HUGE wall that stretches all along one edge of the sim, and it is a bargain hunter’s dream (or quite possibly the inventory organizer’s worst nightmare, lol). It’s nothing but boxed items that are either free or ridiculously cheap. How cheap, you ask? How’s about 15 pairs of wildly colored eyes for L$30? Or five pairs of colored tights for L$20? I personally splurged L$20 on a strand of black pearls, as well as L$10 on a leather belt and pouch with a matching bracelet.




I must say, I was particularly pleased with the leather belt and bracelet. The textures are very nicely done and the bit of flexi strands added on the side are a nice touch. Be forewarned, did have to do a bit of editing; the belt seems to have been made for a smaller avi. It is well worth the effort, though.


I also found a couple of outfits that I really liked. Mimi Eden had this super-kawaii ice-cream t-shirt and matching skirt, and what tickles me about it is the fact that the t-shirt is a freebie 😀

lico_mimi LicoLico - MimiEden

It’s always nice when designers put little extras into their clothes — things like a necklace here, a pair of earrings there, a prim belt that you can later mix with a different outfit. This autumn-inspired dress from Gallery Fumiwo came with matching ribbon earrings and a ribbon headpiece that I edited to sit on my headband.

lico_fumiwo LicoLico - Gallery Fumiwo

Edelweiss has a pretty big store location dedicated to it, much larger than the rest of the mall units, so I imagine we will be seeing more stuff added in the near future. I came across this white nightie set and I freely admit that this was totally an impulse purchase — I saw it, my brain said omgz kewt, and my trigger finger went *click* on the mouse. :p


And I finally treated myself to that pink dress I’ve been wanting from LicoLico 😀 I already have it in maroon and black, so I’ve resisted splurging on the pink version that came out later. Until now, woooo!


Oh, and last but not least? Stop by at my store, now located at LicoLico Mall! Yep, I rented a couple of spaces for mela’s and I’ve got a freebie t-shirt waiting on the floor just for you.

mela's at LicoLico sim :D

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New World Notes and Second Style Fashionista

The New World Notes (NWN) blog announced it’s Uncanny Valley Expo contest back in July, and the directive was simple: “Send me images and video of realistic avatars who engage on a human level.”

So yours truly took a pic and sent in her avi’s mug. Although entries are no longer being accepted (the deadline was August 12th, soz), the contest hasn’t quite started yet. Wagner James Au is slowly sharing the entries, releasing one new image per day, and you can view them here. At some point in the future ten finalists will be selected, and readers will be asked to vote for the image and video that they feel accomplishes that human engagement.

What is this “uncanny valley” biz, you ask? I followed a Wikipedia link to learn more, too, which may be found here. If you’re too lazy to go to that URL right now, I’ll do my best to sum it up for you: It’s basically about the way we react to robots and other non-human entities. Someone made note of how human response to these entities becomes more favorable as the entity takes on a more realistic human appearance, but that response will turn negative if the realism becomes… well, creepy. It’s an interesting read, I’d recommend looking at that wiki entry. 🙂

Anyways, why am I bringing this up? It’s because my entry was chosen for the NWN 9/7 feature :p…

nwn uncannyexpo

And speaking of SL blogs, Vivienne and I recently submitted a Reader Style photo for Second Style Fashionista (SSF). ^_^

A little while ago, we discovered that we’d purchased Soviet military coats from D3volution separately (I have the Spetznaz and she has the Army one), and Vivi came up with the cool idea of visiting the Moscow sim while decked out in our coats. I really liked how our outfits looked, so I told her I wanted to take a shot of us and submit it for Reader Style. (Clicking on that link will give you the shop details for the clothing articles we used.)

Turns out we’re not the only ones who liked out outfits :p Grazia Horwitz, who blogs regularly at SSF, decided to feature our entry.

ssf readerstyle

Vivienne seems to have a knack for putting together some pretty awesome outfits; she’s won countless SL costume contests (and no, she doesn’t TP her entire friends list every time she’s in one of these, she actually wins on her own merit). When I realized she still did not have an account at Snapzilla, I told her she should get one and submit her stuff to the Reader Style section. You can now see her outfits for yourself at Vivi’s Snapzilla.

And speaking of SSF, there is a Fashion Challenge vote being held right now! The theme of it is supposed to be cultural diversity in SL, and all of the pictures look fab. Last time I checked, Georgette Whitfield’s photo was in the lead. Woo, go Georgette! 😀

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Mitsukoshi sim

While looking around some random Japanese sim a few days ago with Vivienne, I met someone by the name of Shoji Kumaki. After we’d conversed for a bit he told me he wanted to show me a place where I could get free kimonos.

We ended up at a beautifully constructed sim called Mitsukoshi. Mitsukoshi is actually the name of a fancy department store in Japan (think Harrod’s or Neiman Marcus), which has it’s roots in the kimono business dating all the way back to the 1600s. The landing point is located on a broad walkway surrounded by cherry blossom trees on green hills, which leads to a somewhat large teahouse.

Newbie named Yasso

As soon as you arrive at the entrance of the teahouse, you’re already offered two free hapi coats:

free hapis at the entrance entering the building

The details are beautiful. The floor is covered with a very pretty tatami mat texture, and there are several zabuton scattered around with kneeling animations. In the areas surrounding the teahouse, you’ll find cutouts of Japanese caricatures standing here and there:


Cutouts Sub?

And, who doesn’t love freebies, especially when they are pretty ones? ^_^ Those two hapi coats at the entrance are just the tip of the iceberg! Look around the teahouse and you will find at least eight more kimonos (some with the long sode, or sleeves, and some without), two men’s kimonos, two more hapi coats, and a variety of fans and hats. I say “at least” because after going back over my pictures, I think I may have missed some more!

Kimonos with great textures senbu and jingsa Kimonos and hapis





Of course, this is a sim launched by big business, so they’re not going to be content with simply handing over a bunch of free stuff, right? Behind the teahouse is another walkway flanked by white sakura, leading to a sort of courtyard. The area is dominated by two large, semi-transparent elevator shafts that take you up to a much more modern looking build about 140m into the sky.

White sakura Elevator shaft Gift Salon

The build in the sky is a fairly straightforward interface that will lead the user to Mitsukoshi’s website and services. It’s divided into several departments, such as Gifts, Fashion, etc.

UPDATE: I recently became aware of another blog that discusses this sim, have a look. 🙂

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Assignment #1: Xero – Bad Dream

Ryker Beck recently sent me an invitation to join a new Flickr group called Photoshop Me: Filtering Second Life.

The basic premise of the group is simple: Once a week, a new filter is introduced to the group which everyone is subsequently invited to download. The filter is then employed in one of their works, the results of which are posted in the group to be shared with everyone.

This week’s filter is called Bad Dream and comes from Xero Graphics. I decided to use the filter on one of my older images, here are the before and after shots:

original shot


retouched work

bad dream

In addition to running the filter, I also made adjustments to saturation, threshhold, etc., and used a little bit of gaussian blur on a layer that was then screened. Cropping the image also made the Godzilla-ish monster dominate more of the space, making him seem even larger. I’m kind of happy with how the pic turned out. ^_^

Also posted this in my deviantART gallery.

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Gogolita at Little Heaven

I’m supposed to be leaving for dinner but I decided to take a quick peek at YouTube first and discovered that my friend Gogo has uploaded a new machinima. It was filmed entirely at the Little Heaven sim (a great store, btw), which has some amazing textures and a dark sort of brooding, almost dystopian-urban feel… excellent choice for the song she set the video to.

It’s my favorite vid from Gogo thus far 😀

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My Umbrella

All right! I downloaded Fraps and fiddled with it for a bit. I can only grab 30 seconds at a time and it’s watermarked with the Fraps site URL.

My first attempt ever…

All right and here’s my second attempt..

I am obsessed with love my new umbrella from Tweet. I picked it up at Boneflower. The hot pink raincoat in the second one is from BP, BettiePage Voyager’s store that I love so much! 😀

took an oath, imma stick it out til the end

running in the rain

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