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Clothing demos?

K, I ❤ clothes shopping in SL. Seriously, like *really* love it. I dare you to look at my inventory and the overabundance of clothing items stashed within it and not allow the words “consumerist whore” to pop into your head.

Shopping in SL is not without it’s own peculiar pitfalls, however. I’ve ended up with a few items in my inventory that I really can’t make much use of because… well, they don’t cover me up properly. Here are just two examples:

demo plz

I really like this bikini, but I won’t be able to make much use of it for my own avi, although I’m sure I will be able to use it for one of my store posters. (But dammit, I bought this for ME, not for my store!) Just look at the crotch — if I wanted to let people know that my avi’s skin does not, in fact, utilize a Brazilian wax job, then wearing this would do the job.

And here I have my own little Nipplegate:

demo plz

What adds to the suckage is the fact that these items are non-transferrable, so it’s not like I can give them to a friend with less pubic hair or smaller nipples. Sure, I suppose I could wear a different skin in order to wear these… but I’ve already spent thousands of $L on a skin that I happen to like a lot.

Being the helpful person that I am, I like to propose solutions when I make complaints.  😀  Anything that is non-transferrable and has a plunging neckline, any swimwear, any lingerie, any fancy gown that’s $1,000L or more… provide a demo, please!  All the hairstyle stores do it.  Blaze does it, as well as ETD and a fair number of stores that feature wedding boutiques (i.e., Gracie’s).  I’d happily pay $1L for a gown emblazoned with the word “DEMO” because it’d mean I might end up being saved from throwing away $999L on some gown I’ll never use.

Offering a demo might also be the tip on the scales needed to score a sale.  Seriously, while doing some recent power-shopping for a formal gown, a couple of gowns ranging from $1,500L to $2,000L definitely caught my eye… but  I couldn’t be persuaded to spend that much because I wasn’t sure if they’d look right on my avi.  Who knows, maybe I was just a demo away from being convinced to cast my $L vote in that designer’s direction.  🙂

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