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All The Rest – another machinima

I made another video… and omgz this one was a real pain in the arse to make. O.o

I really need to splurge on a pooter that can *handle* the abuse I want to put it through. While working on this vid, SL must have crashed at least a gajillion times; my fps plummeted to ZERO; memory issues were resulting in these odd blue, grey, and black marks on my avi; the location I filmed in was griefed several times; Windows MovieMaker went apeshit and froze on me at least five times while I was editing… aaarrgghhh!!

The song is Leave Out All The Rest, by Linkin Park.

Update:  I removed the video from youtube because I kind of hated it, lol.

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Assignment #2: Cybia – ColourWorks (converse effect)

The filter being featured in the Filtering Second Life group at flickr is ColourWorks from Cybia. The filter has twenty different effects; the one I chose for my shot is the converse effect.

original shot

cherry girl

retouched work

Cherry Girl - converse

I didn’t do a whole lot to this image other than use the sliders that came with the filter — I adjusted threshhold and cropped a little bit. Looking forward to next week’s assignment 😀

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Cherry Girl outfit

I liked the outfit I used in the video, here are the details ^_^

cherry girl outfit

Hair – BP*, micky dango
Skin – RaC, Trisha
Eyes – simtropia, brown deep
Glasses – Nea-Ban, Retro Standard (scripted)
**Eyebrow piercing – Zipz, light metal spike micro twisted
**Nose piercing – Zipz, titanium curved barbell
**Lip piercing – Zipz, linked double light titanium captive steel rings
Earrings – artilleri, cherry earrings
Choker – Curiou Kitties, standard black strap choker
Tattoos – Red Ruin, Live Fast Die Young tattoo sleeves
Dress – artilleri, midnite moment black
Socks – Celestial Studios, Lulu tube socks darkred
Shoes – KK Outfitters, women’s Lo-Tops Kool Kicks in red

** Piercings linked together by myself since I was running out of attachment points on my face.

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