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Cherry Girl – my first machinima ever!

This was so much fun!!! I think I’m addicted!

The music is by Kumi Koda, and Arycon Fasching graciously agreed to let me take a few shots of him for my vid. 😀

[livevideo id=C5773162F6DF413D9EA62ABD29AC02B7/498911/cherrygirl.aspx]

FYI, I don’t have the greatest graphics setup ever. My fps takes a hit when I just put on prim hair, for crying out loud! So, I do everything I can to minimize the strain on my poor lappie 🙂 Low terrain detail, no local lights (yay for being able to move the sun!), film only one avi at a time (two if they are both standing still lol), and film at least 700m in the sky where there’s very little for my computer to draw.

Once I get a better rig set up, though, you can be certain I’m going to do some serious location scouting for future projects!

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  1. Fun video and very creditable for a first attempt. Enjoyed it .

    Comment by Clanman Burns | September 11, 2007

  2. Ah thank you Clanman :DDDDD

    Comment by melaniekiddofsl | September 12, 2007

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