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Mitsukoshi sim

While looking around some random Japanese sim a few days ago with Vivienne, I met someone by the name of Shoji Kumaki. After we’d conversed for a bit he told me he wanted to show me a place where I could get free kimonos.

We ended up at a beautifully constructed sim called Mitsukoshi. Mitsukoshi is actually the name of a fancy department store in Japan (think Harrod’s or Neiman Marcus), which has it’s roots in the kimono business dating all the way back to the 1600s. The landing point is located on a broad walkway surrounded by cherry blossom trees on green hills, which leads to a somewhat large teahouse.

Newbie named Yasso

As soon as you arrive at the entrance of the teahouse, you’re already offered two free hapi coats:

free hapis at the entrance entering the building

The details are beautiful. The floor is covered with a very pretty tatami mat texture, and there are several zabuton scattered around with kneeling animations. In the areas surrounding the teahouse, you’ll find cutouts of Japanese caricatures standing here and there:


Cutouts Sub?

And, who doesn’t love freebies, especially when they are pretty ones? ^_^ Those two hapi coats at the entrance are just the tip of the iceberg! Look around the teahouse and you will find at least eight more kimonos (some with the long sode, or sleeves, and some without), two men’s kimonos, two more hapi coats, and a variety of fans and hats. I say “at least” because after going back over my pictures, I think I may have missed some more!

Kimonos with great textures senbu and jingsa Kimonos and hapis





Of course, this is a sim launched by big business, so they’re not going to be content with simply handing over a bunch of free stuff, right? Behind the teahouse is another walkway flanked by white sakura, leading to a sort of courtyard. The area is dominated by two large, semi-transparent elevator shafts that take you up to a much more modern looking build about 140m into the sky.

White sakura Elevator shaft Gift Salon

The build in the sky is a fairly straightforward interface that will lead the user to Mitsukoshi’s website and services. It’s divided into several departments, such as Gifts, Fashion, etc.

UPDATE: I recently became aware of another blog that discusses this sim, have a look. 🙂

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