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Hair Fair 2007

Hair Fair 2007 has arrived! I went with Alan the other day, who warned me that “This is going to be crazy”.

Oh my god, he meant the lag. It was incredible; I saw countless grey bald people moonwalking about and booth images took a really long time to rez, with some of them never rezzing the entire time I was there. And I can’t even recall how many times I crashed!

"I see grey people... "

I was IMing with Alan pretty much the whole time. Hair Fair is actually duplicated into two sites so that more people may be accommodated, so I went to one site and Alan had gone to another. He suggested removing attachments so as to lighten the load on the sim, so I took off my hair, jewelry, and AO. I drew the line at going completely naked, though. 😮

Bald, AOless, shoeless, jewel-less egghead!

After multiple crashes and not even being able to buy a demo, I left with the determination that I would return when there were less people logged into SL.

I returned several hours later and although things were still laggy, it was nowhere near as bad as before. Several people were shouting out advice to people to take off their hair, AO’s, and other high prim-count attachments, such as shoes. “Disable your AO, embrace the newbie waddle!” one woman shouted, hehe.

I was able to do much more during my second visit, and let me tell you, the hair at Hair Fest ’07 was worth every damn crash I’d had to endure to get there. Some of the booths were just downright gorgeous:

Naughty Designs Calla Panache Hairapy

I also saw several vendors there that I’d never heard of before. Curl Up & Dye was one of them. Isn’t that a fantastic name for a salon? I chuckled when I saw the booth.

Curl Up & Dye

I picked up a bunch of demos, and now I must admit I find myself in a bit of a quandary. They are all fab! How on earth am I going to choose just one or two?! (The following images are thumbnails with links leading to their respective flickr pages.)

Hairapy - Gwen Curio - Spiky Curio - Daisy Curio - Creepy Bun Curio - Creepy Naughty - Public Affair CS - Macy CS - Annie May III CS - Annie May II CS - Annie May II CS - Annie May Kin - Luv Kin - Bunni

Such tough decisions ahead of me!

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  1. this post is too adorable! i still haven’t done a real hair fair tour yet. i’m going to drag you with me when i finally go sometime this week.

    Comment by Puma | April 10, 2007

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